Nobody likes a liar.  In fact,I have never met a single person who has ever told me, "I enjoy people who lie."

According to Wikipedia; a lie is a known untruth expressed as a truth often with the further intention to maintain a secret or a reputation.

 Hmm, well who wants to have a bad reputation?  Not I!

 So with that in mind some lies aren't as bad as others, right?

 I mean there is the Noble Lie; when you lie for the sake of honor, whether it be your own or some else's.

So if someone asks you :  "When are you due?" (and the only baby your birthing is all that birthday cake you ate)

and you happen to stutter in a panic, "uhhhh…."5 months".

When you due

This is not a lie!  You were clearly protecting your honor.

(Side note:  Ladies write your local congress.  Questions like that should be punishable by law.)

Another example, as my good friend Kala pointed out, is when you tell a sympathy lie in order to make your friend feel better.  Maybe…she happened to gain a few lbs over Xmas and you lost a few.  You don't want her to feel bad!

"I totally gained 5 lbs too! Don't worry about it, it's winter."

  Photo 111

(Come to think of it maybe skinny samaritans like Kala should be punished as well.  Their offense?  They have the ability to be skinny samaritans!)

Then there is the ever so popular, White Lie.  The "white lie", in the 21st century, has become a right of passage in relationships. Therefore making 80% of people in relationships…absolved of the sin of lying.

Ladies, your man TOTALLY remembered to drop your mother's card in the mail on the way to work.

I mean, why would he lie?


Now my favorite word for lying is Puffery; which is an exaggerated claim.  Why?  Because everyone does it, politicians, sales people, marketing executives…women…

"I have no idea why these jeans don't fit!  I have been the same size since high school."


Oh!  How about Lying By Omission…commonly used by teenagers and some adults…

Listen, when my best friend Carolyn and I went to our alma mater IOWA for a football game, it was not our fault those boys assumed we were seniors.

…I mean we are seniors…(to them)


And the devil of all categories of lies is…

 Lying Through Your Teeth

I mean who could ever do that?  What a horrible person!  GROSS!

Yes, we have conveniently categorized lying so that some of us can do it when we deem ABSOLUTELY necessary…and others…well…they are L.I.A.R.S!!!

So why am I babbling on and on about lies?  And what does this have to do with your closet?!  The way I look at it, in some way shape or form, we are all…liars.  (GASP!  I KNOW!)  And the majority of our lies stem from how we think we look…and how we want to look to the world. 

So next time someone is having a hard time telling the truth, don't get mad right away.  Think about all the times you have have total a little fib and why. Maybe it is your job to help them feel comfortable in their own skin. So they don't find the need to "lie".

When we are able to light the way for others that is when we are being true to ourselves…that is when we feel fabulous…and the rest my friends just has a way of falling into place.


Have a great weekend,


*Lifein2lemonade is edited by Ryan Howard

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